That creeping feeling you get when you doubt you should have acted in a certain way. To doubt one's lack of action is regret.

Dearest Friend
Hear me out
I am wrong
Now in solitude
I see the error of my ways
I hear your screams
I feel your anger
I am your pain
Forgive me
Reordiedento por cualquier muerte

Libre de la memoria y de la esperanza,
ilimitado, adstracto, casi futuro,
el merto no es uun muerto no es un muerto: es la muerte.
Como el Dios de las misticos,
de Quien deben negarse todos los predicados,
el muerto ubicuamente ajeno
no es sino la perdicion y ausendia del mundo.
Todo se lo robamos,
no le dejamos ni un color ni una silaba:
aqui esta el patio que que ya no comparten sus ojojs,
alli la acera donde acecho su esperenza.
Hasta lo que pensamos pedria esarlo pensado el tambien;
nos hemos repartido domo ladrones
el caudal de las noches y de los dias.
Remorse for any Death

Free of any memory and hope,
unlimited, abstract, almost future,
the dead body is not somebody: It is death.
Like the God of the mystics,
whom they insist has no attributes,
the dead person is no one everywhere,
is nothing but the loss and absence of the world.
We rob it of everything,
we do not leave it one color, one syllable:
Here is the yard which its eyes no longer take up,
there is the sidewalk where it waylaid its hope.
It might even be thinking
what we are thinking.
We have divided among us, like thieves,
the treasure of nights and days.

-Jorge Luis Borges, from Fervor de Buenos Aires (1923)

At something past eleven
and with this blue house

shuttered by darkness
(and by sleep for some)

the screaming of animals
two in opposition

begins beyond my window
in high register. 


To try and save a life
or at least broker quiet

I think to run
out of the front door

but remember the alarm
(I am on the ground floor)

against burglars running in
has already been set.


Hoping to cause some cover
of distraction for the loser

I go to the windows
and begin flicking the Venetians

first open and shut at random
then in threes long and short

I see nothing but silence
at this morsel of light Morse.


Re*morse" (r?*m?rs"), n. [OE. remors, OF. remors,F. remords, LL. remorsus, fr. L. remordere, remorsum, to bite again or back, to torment; pref. re- re- + mordere to bite. See Morsel.]


The anguish, like gnawing pain, excited by a sense of guilt; compunction of conscience for a crime committed, or for the sins of one's past life.

"Nero will be tainted with remorse."



Sympathetic sorrow; pity; compassion.

Curse on the unpardoning prince, whom tears can draw To no remorse. Dryden.

But evermore it seem'd an easier thing At once without remorse to strike her dead. Tennyson.

Syn. -- Compunction; regret; anguish; grief; compassion. See Compunction.


© Webster 1913.

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