A website for story telling. These categories are the most honest subdirectories of everyday life I think I've seen on the net so far.





You can read stories on this site whose purpose is to ask a question that the reader can contribute his own answer for. You can also scan other people's responses. When posting, you can link your e-mail and/or web site to get your voice out there.

It is also where I met one of the coolest people I've met in a long time, whom you would have read about on nodes here:

terrified but hopeful
hope is the thing with feathers
my heart fills with warm water when I think on these things
I'm scared to death of what havoc he could wreak in my life

It is a site that reminds me that people like to tell stories, tell them well and often. That even online, people are human.

A website started and mainly maintained by Derek M. Powazek which features creatively written, albeit true to life, and imaginatively presented real life stories. The Fray has four major categories all of which have their own charms and place. The four categories are: Although there does seem to be something common among the stories that are classified together, one can't really put one's finger on it, or at least I can't. To fully understand, go to and read a few stories from each category. For some reason I am particularly fond of the stories under Drugs, especially the one entitled "Lost" by William Hilf.

Like everything2 the content is mainly user contributed, although a number of the stories there are contributed by Powazek himself. Unlike e2 you don't have to stick to facts and nobody will tell you to earn your bullshit because in fact the stories are mainly stories that tell others about yourself, although you should note that there is a chance that they will not accept your submissions. The one important thing that a story must have is that it must end with a question, the very same question you have answered by writing your story. This encourages others to add their stories to yours and for people of similar backrounds or experience to communicate.

The highly imaginative use of web design is also a thing to marvel at, the design of the story layouts are not done by the story tellers though, stories are just submitted as text and it is the people of that do the design on the pages where the story is presented. So far they have not ceased to amaze me with what can be done without having to resort to Flash or some other sort of crap.

There is something about makes you feel that it really is a gem that you have found.

If you keep getting getting feces hurled at you because of the GTKY nodes you write, you might want to try The Fray, you will still need to keep a very high quality of writing and have a point to your story but at least you don't get chastised for writing about your experiences. The Fray also doesn't "lock" a story because it has gotten very big, reader contributions are as welcome on the day the story is posted as it is years later. The content will be select and updates far between, but overall, it is a must visit place on the world wide web. It is one of the last websites that I know off that still feels like it was really crafted by humans.

What have you read lately?

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