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If I am correct in assuming that a Bio is a self description then I shall continue as such. Otherwise, this will be a very embarrassing way to start on everything2.

I’m a 20 year old, six foot two, brown eyed, brown haired Caucasian male from Stockport, England. Note: I said England not the UK, to all my American counterparts out there. I currently reside at 42 Cloister Road, Heaton Mersey (not that that means much to anyone) with my Mum, Dad and brother, Dave, for seven weeks of the year. The other 45 I spend onboard Her Majesties Ship Illustrious, which is based in Portsmouth, also in England (where I am typing from right now, matter of fact).

I like a variety of sports, though I do not pursue any with any particular enthusiasm as I am currently focusing on my career, including (but not exclusive to); Golf, Football (Soccer), Rugby, Basketball, Field Hockey and Cricket. I like almost all music and can happily listen to practically song with pleasure but I have a preference for Dance, Rap, Hip-Hop, Drum and Bass and a wide selection of songs from before my time. Frank Sinatra, Elvis and MC Hammer being of some note.

I like to think of myself as open minded, easy going and agreeable. I have been called crass and direct, but that is only because I call a spade a spade. I will disagree if I think something is wrong, send encouragement to something I agree with and will listen with interest to anyone’s view, no matter how different or radical in comparison to mine.

To that end, if anyone reads a node of mine and has an opinion, please let me know. I always enjoy seeing things from other peoples perspectives and am interested in talking to people who do (or don't) think along the same lines as me. Criticism, both constructive and de-constructive is welcomed, though I would prefer if people would restrain themselves from utterly destroying my nodes right away as I am new to this and am not entirely sure how to proceed.

I apologise if at any point in the future, anything I say offends anyone, however, if that is my view I will not change my tone to appease anyone. Full stop.

I look forward to contributing to everything2 and hope someone; somewhere enjoys what I write...