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I have been morally forced into writing something here by St.George, also I suppose I should do it really just I am pitifully lazy.

I am 16 years old, nearly 17 (October 3rd) and am currently at school at Winchester College, just about to start the lower 6th form and embark upon the dreaded AS levels. I intend to carry on Biology, physics, maths and chemistry, and to go on to study medicine at a so far undecided University. I live in a middling town called Warminster, near to the much better known city of Salisbury which I have resided near to for nearly all of my life, save for a two year spell in New Jersey. Though I have predominantly lived in Wiltshire I do move around a lot because my father is in the British Army.

Interesting facts about me: At school I spend my time Rowing on our tiny dribble of a canal, as much CCF stuff as I can (I now have more badges than anyone else in Army section in my year, which I shall be flashing about) these activities include shooting, exercises and anything else I can get into. I have many hobbies at home that I frequent much less than I should; these include mountain biking, air rifle shooting and tennis. I seem to spend most of my time on my PC, for I play many games and use the Internet muchly (always whilst listening to music). Which seamlessly brings me onto my music taste, of which the majority is usually frowned upon, but I like to think quite varied. I usually listen to metal/rock music, though I do like odd splashes of other bits of classical music etc. Recently I decided to hurl my enormous girth (its not that big, but bigger than I would like) out of a plane at 3,500 feet which although I was nervous before, gave me the "I wanna go again" feeling afterwards, but at about £50 a pop I doubt my parents would approve. I also recently attended the annual Bisley schools shooting match, and although our team didn't win anything, I came close to getting a prestigious "top 100" badge despite only having shot the rifle on 2 previous occasions and I believe we have a good base to work with for our young and inexperienced shooting team to work on.

This summer has been very busy for me, with first Bisley, then a week in hospital for I am cursed with the annoying Ulcerative Colitis, followed briefly by another week in hospital, though this time for work experience seeing people dying in bed and being cut up etc. Next on my "to do" list is the Reading Music festival stating on the 22nd of this month which I have been looking forward to for several months now. After that I will spend a week with my uncle in Shropshire who runs an online loan company among other things, and may earn a bit of money, which I need for a highly expensive and unnecessary (for work at least not games - don't tell my parents) alienware laptop, which will be nice. And more importantly shiny.