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Nude modeling is great.

I am not ANY kind of exhibitionist, but I highly recommend the experience.

I have a lesbian friend who is an artist. One day, she and my boyfriend and I were hanging out. She had brought over her portfolio and supplies, to show off to my boyfriend who also is interested in art. On a whim, she asked if she could draw us, and we both replied, "Nude?" We were kidding, of course, but she wasn't.

So we stripped off our clothes for her and laid down on his bed, cuddling innocently. She took her shirt off, so we didn't feel any more awkward than necessary, and began to draw. Though the results were only sketches, done in blue and purple, I thought they were beautiful.

I think I learned a lot from this experience. Being naked with other people in a non-sexual way was very freeing. I now feel that the body is not a sexual object, or a thing to be hidden, but a work of art. Being given compliments like, "You have textbook porportions" and "I love the lines between your shoulder and breast" made me feel beautiful in a natural, innocent way. I stopped sucking in my stomach, wondering if my breasts were big enough, and trying to make sure no one noticed that I hadn't shaved in a while, and just completely accepted my body. Of course, the worries have crept back in, but I'm still really glad I did it.

Model nude. I highly recommend it.