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An abbreviation often used in classified advertising, particularly personal ads or roomshare adverts. It stands for 'Good Sense of Humour', and is regarded as being a positive attribute.

Quite how the advertisers grade the level of humour possessed by a respondent is beyond me; also, why do they ask for a 'good' sense of humour and not, say, a 'great' sense of humour, or something more useful like 'Are you a serial killer' or 'Do you lack empathy' or 'You come across a turtle, baking in the sun - but you aren't helping it. Why? Tell me about your mother, etc'?

Furthermore, it tends to imply that the advertiser is looking for a screaming ninny who will laugh at anything, ad nauseum. Or, worse still, somebody who considers him or herself to be 'wacky' and 'zany'. I mean, Han Solo would hardly describe himself as possessing a 'good sense of humour', but he wouldn't exactly repel somebody looking for a quick squeeze, would he? Jet Li - he doesn't look like the kind of person who laughs at knock knock jokes, but he'd make a damn good room-mate, especially if you were in trouble with the mob. Actually, ignore that; you'd become Jet's friend, and then the mob would find you and torture you and kill you, and then Li would find your body and he'd vow revenge. Which he would do, he'd get revenge, but you'd still be dead. Michael Palin, he has a good sense of humour and would be an excellent room-mate, but he wouldn't put 'GSOH' in her advert, would he? Would he? Would he?