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Ok so i might have a slight bagel obsession.... i am making a list now of all the bagels i've tried / would like to try.

Bagels already tried :

Plain Bagel with cream cheese
Sesame/poppyseed Bagel with cream cheese
Poppyseed bagel with chicken tikka and lettuce (a *lot* of these have been eaten)
Cinnamon and Raisin with butter.
Sesame only Bagel with cream cheese

Bagels to try :

Plain bagel with cream cheese, thai sweet chilli sauce and roasted peppers
Plain bagel with cream cheese, roasted pepers and spiced chicken
Plain bagel with cream cheese, bacon and lettuce
Plain bagel with egg mayo

Poppyseed bagel (repeat all of the above)
Poppyseed bagel with brie and bacon
Poppyseed bagel with cheddar and onion
Poppyseed bagel with chicken coronation and lettuce
Poppyseed bagel with prawn marie rose

Onion Bagel (repeat most of the above)
Onion bagel with mozzarella, jalapeno peppers and spicy chicken
Onion bagel with cream cheese, pepperami and roasted peppers

Unusual Bagels :

Plain bagel with lasagne
Poppyseed Bagel with cream cheese, salsa, guacamole and mexican spice ( ^_^;; )
Strawberry icecream Bagel(Suggested by a friend)

Any suggestions welcome!