(written when  I was 33 and setting off to drive to CA for the first time.)


Now the clouds flow on to evening

As they turn from gold to red

And the time is past for dreaming

Of the road that lies ahead

Tis a time for new beginnings

To the dust I cast my load

On my face eternal sunset

Ever Westward runs the road


Ever Westward to the mountains

To the cities dark with Men

To the worlds that I can fashion

With my palette , with my pen

Worlds of magic , worlds of wonder,

Where the secret rivers run

Where the miracles are fashioned

For an audience of one....


To the race of men I'm leaving

To the race of men I'll find

Mortal ears stopped up with clamor

Mortal eyes to beauty blind

May your cities stand forever

May your houses never fall

I will mock your fears with shadows

In the silence, on the wall


Then farewell to windy city

Smoky skies and screaming gulls

To the ships that know your waters

By the slime that stains their hulls

You have seen me in my sorrow

In my folly, in my pain

Let us each forget the other

And be strangers once again


Here's my hand to wives and mistress

Through your hearts I walked alone

All the echoes were my footsteps

All the voices were my own

May your lives find new beginnings

Let my 'quaintance be forgot

May the dreams I never kindled

Fade like mist, and touch thee not


But the bright dear face I'm leaving

For a day, a month , a year

Eyes the blue of mountain waters

Watch me go without a tear

May you grow in joy and wisdom

Let your fancy wander free

May your steps at last turn Westward

Toward the sunset, after me.