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My biggest personal flaw is a failure to always recognise the difference between "it's" and "its". I often mix the two up, and compensate by making a special effort to check my use of them, whenever I remember to do so. Unfortunately, this means that about 20% of the time a wrongly used "it's" will slip out. That's the type of repeated error the FBI, for example, could use as a clue, to track me down, if they needed to, not that they would.

I tried hard to play the E2 game. I filled the gaps where I could, and sometimes my writeups were popular. My biggest problem was that the site tried to set high standards for its users, while at the same time maintaining low standards of conduct among its gods and editors. Twice, I felt that enough was enough, that I was plainly not welcome, and that things had gone too far

The first was April Trolls Day, which went on for far too long, and which angered me. I decided to flee, but very soon cooled down and changed my mind, grovelling to Dem_Bones in order to get back on.

The second was exactly a month later, after brutal treatment from the high-ups over a series of writeups which I had honestly felt were useful, but were being systematically nuked. Simultaneously I would get "helpful" or "sorry" /msgs from them, and "Ack!"s as the penalties were applied. It was too much for me, and my temper took over. May whichever real-life god you believe in have mercy for me, I certainly don't expect any from the E2 gods.

At the end of the day, I don't need E2, E2 doesn't need me.

I am sorry.

/me cries

dem bones says: Hey, dude - could you do me a favor and place a few examples of your 'country code' writeups here so users know exactly what we deleted and why? This is all so vague...

Adding a node entitled '246' and saying it's the country code for Venezuela isn't very helpful if someone is actually trying to find the country code for Venezuela - they'd have to know the information in the writeup just to find the writeup. The E2 staff considers carefully how to go about building a useful database - sometimes we consider things you haven't.

If you were to add all of the country codes they would belong in one node as opposed to hundreds -- of course that wouldn't get you to the next level, would it?

Demeter adds: in addition, the country codes (plus primary area codes) are already noded at the sensibly named International Telephone Dialling Codes