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I find this useful for finding upcoming MBTA bus schedules on your phone: busryda.com/boston.

BusRyda.com is a free service currently serving Boston-area MBTA bus riders who love using their mobile devices for as much as possible. BusRyda allows the mobile bus-route-seeker to quickly and easily access the schedules of upcoming MBTA buses quickly and easily from a mobile phone.

Say it's 6:30 AM on a Saturday and you live near Sullivan Station. You're up and cranky so heading to Sound Bites for some grub is probably your best move. Point your phone's browser to http://busryda.com/boston — the secret shortcut for Bostonians — and plug in the bus you'll likely take, so the 89 or the 90, Outbound, on a Saturday. Click 'Display Route.'

Sha-BAM! The next few buses — about 1 hour's worth — at your fingertips. No shuffling through paper schedules or scrolling to the right spot on the MBTA's good-but-not-awesome mobile bus schedule offering.

If you need a schedule for later in the day, simply click on 'Or see the full schedule' at the bottom of the page.

BusRyda works on any mobile device such as Sidekicks or Blackberries, but is especially attractive on the iPhone.

BusRyda is not affiliated with the MBTA.

BusRyda was created by independent web developer and Emerson College alumni Eric D. Fields to simply scratch an itch. The MBTA bus schedules are offered officially by the transit authority in a lean mobile format, but only on a by-day basis. One has to scroll through the entire list to get the next available bus schedule, which is inefficient and cumbersome.

A video of the application in action can be found at http://youtube.com/?v=HeFpr_tBtsY

BusRyda Central is the hub for all news surrounding BusRyda and can be found at http://blog.busryda.com