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Firefighting, computers, ocean liners, ice hockey, and video games
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My farmworking 20th century immigrant forebears had no responsibility for the plight of your pre-20th century slave forebears
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Currently reading:
-Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
-The Holy Bible by God
-For Us, The Living by Robert Heinlein

Current games:
-Final Fantasy VI Advance
-Advance Wars
-Wii Sports
-Trauma Center: Under The Knife

Sports teams of choice:
-Dallas Stars
-Philadelphia Phillies
-Clemson Tigers
-Philadelphia Flyers
-Philadelphia Eagles

Current Laptop: Acer Aspire 9410z, Pentium Dual Core with 1GB RAM, running Xubuntu Linux

Feedback from users that I felt were worth posting here on days when I wasn't too lazy to do so:

TerribleAspect says Damn you, damn you to hell...
TerribleAspect says I thought I had finally freed myself from the exquisite torture of having that damn C-130 cadence stuck in my head ...
TerribleAspect says But NO! There is no escaping the WRATH OF FT. BENNING!