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Big Ethel Muggs is a tall, lanky girl with buck teeth, short ratty hair, and tacky dresses. She loves no one more than Jughead Jones, her physical counterpart (doesn't anyone see that the only real difference betwen the two is that they are of the opposite sex and she has buckteeth?). On rare occassions, she has dated other guys -- the only two that come to mind are a blind guy and the judge of a baking contest that she won. Both times, suffice to say, Jughead grew immensely jealous and went out of his way to get Ethel chasing after him again, which, she did. Kind of a paradox to Jughead's own lovelife which came up about ten-fifteen years ago when two mysterious girls showed up in the stories.

Ethel is a roughneck. She doesn't do *anything* other than chase Jughead. She doesn't even have a real place in the comics because it's all she known for other than being hideously ugly. But, if you didn't see her chasing him, the only other possible thing she could be doing is... cooking.

Thanks to Yam for telling me Big Ethel's last name.