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A card game for pre-teen girls. Mr. Joe Average high school student sends in his info to the company, they put him on a card. Little trading cards are sold all over the nation with these boys' mugs plastered all over them.

Girls match up their friends with one of the boys based on his biographical information and interests. I haven't found the point of the game yet. Many of the cards have utterly creepy things on them.

One of my favorites was a boy named Jamal who had his own rap group called Imajin. It said he liked to wink at the girls when on stage to drive them crazy. His pick-up line is "Yo baby, yo."

Bryan hopes to one day be an Air Force fly boy, but for now, he just drives the girls crazy with his groovy dance moves.

Go figure.

There is a website where masses of girls congregate and communicate with these hot studs on message boards at http://www.boycrazy.com.