Roman mythology and transsexualism.

Roman goddess responsible for watching over, caring for and sympathising with female souls trapped in male bodies and the spiritual ambassador for all those who crossed the lines of gender.

According to legend, an army of Scythians pillaged the temple of Venus at Ascelon while leaving Syria and Palestine, which they had invaded. The goddess was so enraged by their actions that she made women of the plunderers, and further decreed that their posterity should be similarly affected.

Hippocrates wrote of the Scythians: "They not only follow women's occupations, but show feminine inclinations and behave as women. The natives ascribe the cause to a deity..."

The many guises of Venus.

Venus has appeared in many other forms, aside from her commonly-believed role as the goddess of love and beauty, these being:

Venus Felix
The bringer of good fortune and happiness.

Venus Victix
The bringer of victory.

Venus Genetrix
The mother and founder of Rome.

Venus Vericordia
The protector of chastity.

Venus Barbarta
A bearded, crossdressing incarnation who was called upon to repel unwanted husbands and suitors. Scary.