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I am not Christian. I am not a member of any religion that holds faith in or belief of God or a god as a requirement of your continued placement in that religion. Thus, I have been in a Christian church only once in my life, when I was sixteen, for about five minutes.
It came as quite a shock to me, being that I never had a reason to ask, that churches were not open twenty-four hours a day. I would never have guessed it.

Perhaps I've just been raised by television, or maybe I'm just looking at the wrong churches, or there have been too many acts of vandalism, or attacks on the clergy. Or, maybe, I'm just an idiot, but I can't bring myself to see any reason to lock the doors of the house of God.

I know that religion can mean a lot to people, and that prayer can lift the spirits, though I don't believe it myself. Some people, even, want a sense of drama in their lives, and nothing gets that more than a three a.m. trip to the church to pray for strength or guidance on an issue.

So why? Why do they lock the doors? Why do I live in an age where God gives you a busy signal?

Why did this end up so whiny?