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I agree with you completely, Templeton. I can clearly remember going to a Weezer concert as a teenager, and feeling let down because they were compelled to play songs mostly from their newer album. While I enjoyed hearing about half japanese girls, I would rather have heard about the garage, or even that sweater. But I digress. Knowing a musician's art before you see he/she/them live makes the whole experiance far more vibrant. Now, granted, this tendency can be a serious annoyance to those around you. My first Weird Al Concert was a less than perfect experience because even though *EVERYONE* else around us were singing, I was getting hit for singing along. My friends gave me the argument that "We came to hear Al sing, not you, boyo."

Call me crazy, but I thought the point of a live performance was to have a more vivd experience than you could have sitting in your home listening to a CD. Feh.

Another facet to this is the fact that some people learn auditorially. I know when I've heard a song three or four times, it's probably all mapped out in my head at that point, and singing along with it is a reaction that mostly can't be helped. To those of us with the song learning ability of a freakin' myna bird, I salute.