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Fluke was also a rather short-lived television show on Channel 4 in the mid-90s. Created and hosted by Tim Vine, the show had one of the best premises ever - the winner was purely decided by luck. No skill was involved, no verbal sparring, no fights to the death on a greasy treetrunk over an active volcano, just pure, unadulterated luck.

It also contained one of the best inventions ever - the BOAWJP (Bit Of A Wasted Journey Pointer). The five contestants stood around it, and Tim spun the pointer. Whoever it landed at went home, simple as that.

Aside from that, the 'games' were all won or lost purely by chance - for example, the question round comprised of such delicacies as "I interrupted Bob Holness reading Jurrassic Park the other day. Was he reading page 609 or 610?". There was horse-racing of sorts, a Jeopardy-esque round (Tim gave the contestants two options, and the first to buzz in had to pick one. Then Tim put the option chosen into a pre-written sentence, and if it was correct they got points. Example: "Mike Tyson or a basketball?" "A BASKETBALL!" "A basketball bit off Evander Holyfield's ear") and a 'What's Behind The Door' round.

The final round saw the contestant competing for the BIG PRIZE. It was kept hidden throughout the show, with a cage suspended over it by three ropes. There were five questions - to win the prize, the contestant had to answer three correctly. Every one wrong, though, meant a rope was cut by Major Disappointment (the show's gimmick character, much like Debbie McGee or Our Graham). Three wrong, and the cage was dropped. Three right, and the contestant got the prize, and the title Duke of Fluke.

It only lasted one season. Which is just as well, probably - some things are best left alone. It did spawn some equally short-lived catchphrases, though - "What are points? POINTLESS!", "The more you know, the less it matters" and "What's the prize? A BIG SURPRISE!"

Ah, the wonders of the 'Random Node' link. Also, while writing the node, I came across this: http://www.qwertyuiop.co.uk/gs/atoz/programmes/f/fluke/ . It gives all the details and then some, and some quotes for this node were therefore taken from there. Hoorj!