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As we wrap up another November I'm thankful for this site. It's neither intuitive nor easy to use in places and but that's kind of a draw for me. I've always loved esoteric, insular groups and I feel very fortunate to have found one dedicated to writing in the broadest possible sense. I lurked for about a year before posting a poem of all things which is my most viewed write up despite being posted hidden. I was mostly absent over the last year and I really regret that because it looks like a renaissance is in full swing and I think I should have been a part of that.

This will my fourth successful Iron Noder and my fifth over all. Last year I was adjusting my sleep schedule around this time and I found myself too tired to write. This year I had the same schedule and I pushed through (assuming I finish this write up on time). It weird to say but I cherish the failures in my life as much as the successes because most hurt less than the fear of them. Everything2 has been a big part of learning that lesson. To everyone who's afraid of failure, yes it hurts, but if you don't fetishize your pain it will go away faster than you think. I'm glad I could take this lesson from such a nice but honest place. From the bottom of my heart: Thank You.