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I recently went to working evenings and my circadian rhythms are finally in sync with my bed by 2:00 AM up by 10:00 AM schedule. As much as I miss losing most of my morning I think I like this better. So many things are on the 8:00-5:00 that you practically have to take a day off from work to get some of them done. Combine that with the fact that I like having work on the back half of the day because if it's on the front I'm really tired for my remaining free time and this is looking really good.

I kinda want to blame the sleep adjustment for missing most of my write-up thus far in November but honestly I think this is just how I am. I had a number of papers in college that I wrote the night before. There's a David Foster Wallace interview that kinda encapsulates my issue. I'm proud of some of the things that I've written and I cringe at other and when I start writing I'm not sure which it's going to come out as. It's not a matter of time or attention; I usually put the most effort into works I like the least. I've got a few books rattling around in the back of my brain but it's hard to want to start them with this pattern. To the other creative types on the website, is this how you feel about the creative process or is it just me?