Splattered all over your Cathode Ray Tube, courtesy of Animal Planet, UPN, or any other low-budget network looking for cheap laughs with home video show variations. In all honesty, watching some poor dog knock itself unconscious with a bucket over its head is probably one of the few things worth turning on the tube for.

Highlights include:
  • A dog running around with a bucket on its head, banging the bucket on the ground repeatedly. If the bucket falls off, he runs over, inserts his head, and lifts the bucket again. Repeat.
  • A small curly fop of a dog that bites firmly on to the end of a towel, lies flat, and proceeds to be dragged about and used as a mop on the floor by the owner.
  • Camera panning over to the front door where a commotion is heard, and a cat comes bolting through the door and into the house followed closely by a snarling dog. Both dart into a bedroom, and off camera you hear a hiss, a yipe, and see a dog bolting out of the house followed closely by a hissing cat.