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Fled Noder

The name comes from a long forgotten sci-fi novel concerning the exploits of someone by another name completely, who lived on the outside of a huge habitation, many miles above the surface of the earth. I forget the name of the book but I shamelessly lifted the name of a supporting character who had all the necessary StudlyCaps to constitute an interesting user name. No amount of messaging will make me remember the name as the password has been randomised and the email field blanked.

At one point Felony had enough nodes to be a monk but had many nuked entirely by choice not wishing to pollute. Furthermore I have had many thousands of xp docked, again all by choice, which may answer any of the questions you had concerning why I got to spend all those C!s. Hidden amongst the remaining nodes is the sensei editor cooled node I was a homeless bum which at the time of closing the account has six C!s and a rep of 200+, unchanged since it was first written, it is the only node I may return for. And what remains I leave to the nodegel as I can honestly do no more with it than stare and wonder who that person was.

After this identity I moved on to another, fempu which was an abbreviation created in the catbox, as was fmp the message alias. Alas fempu is also now dormant but the noder behind the curtain is again writing under the name The Great Librarian, who incidentally reserves the right to nuke any of these nodes if he supersedes them or simply out of shame and horror.

May 2003, Risen from the fled so I could visit with my angels. Fled again.