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I come to, scared and confused, feeling like I'm lying six feet below the floor. I grab at the sheets, tearing at them as they try and smother me and hold me down.
Around me is a darkness, boxing me in on all sides. I can't see a thing, but I know the walls are sneaking up on me.
I raise myself up on liquid legs and feet of lead and stumble like a drunkard towards my escape. I scramble and reach out, swinging my arms, trying to find relief. The cold brass handle rattles as I open the door.
I feel my way out and begin descending the stairs, afraid each one is going to vanish and I am going to fall further into the darkness.
I claw at the walls, pushing them back and every hair on my body stands on end as the tile floor whispers cold words up through my body.
I close my hand around the warm mug and lift it close to my face, embracing my saviour before taking a long sip of too-hot-to-drink coffee.
Then I get on with my life.