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I write up things I don't know, instead of things I know. More fun that way.
Space Opera.
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My Plans:

  • Finish re-reading all of Dr. Smith's books. Then Node them. Then metanode them.
  • Find other books I've read that no one else has.
  • Do a writeup on the Iliad. Explain why it is one of the greatest pieces of fiction around.
  • Do a WU on why it's sometimes ethically okay to violate copywrite laws.
  • WU on various computer things I know.

things people have said:


dann says re: cache : This is a good start for a node, but it needs alot more detail to keep it afloat. Let me know if you need help with anything (and welcome to E2!) Thanks...

Simpleton says re The Lord's Prayer : binary : I'm assuming this is the ASCII conversion of the English translation of The Lord's Prayer... but you may wish to explain that sort of thing in the writeup. Oh, and as you've probably discovered, mentioning that it's a nodeshell rescue is a magnet for downvotes. Some people are just like that.

DoubleD says Excellent choice of a user name, Grimey. :-)

drinkypoo says re The Lord's Prayer : binary : why would you get points for rescuing this nodeshell? "binary" is meaningless. one assumes that this is an eight bit binary representation of an ASCII-encoded English translation of the Lord's Prayer. It is also namespaced, which is annoying (of course, that is personal criteria.) The name is incorrect, and you fail to explain these points. Well, you asked :)

SharQ says re: Canon Powershot A40 I added your mini-review! thank you!

yossarian says the first time you mention "Taliban" in your writeup Bush Doctrine, you mispell it (you have an 'e' instead of an 'i').

I reply.

yossarian says ah, i see. well, please at least be consistent - stick to one spelling in your writeup. you use both.

I reply.

yossarian says It was most likely downvoted because it doesn't really come off as all that objective. When you say "remove an (illegitimate and evil) government" towards the end, the placement of the parenthases makes it seem as though you are the one calling the gov't illegitmate and evil (when you are actually quoting, i assume?). you also deal with a complex issue in a very simple manner, giving only one example of the doctrine's use. you would do better to show how this doctrine may affect policy down the road, in other areas. your last paragraph (dealing with Iraq) is really unneccessary, and comparing Dick Chaney to an evil madman can't really be considered objective. you should probably remove it completely.

Bitriot says The noder quotes section of your homenode is genius. Rock on.

I finally get around making changes to The Lord's Prayer : binary, and return the messages.

Simpleton says re The Lord's Prayer : binary: If I messaged you about this, it must have been a long time ago. What did I say? I suppose I asked for an explanation of *what* binary you coded it in (that sounds like me). If so, yeah, it looks good, interesting, and so on.

allseeingeye says heya Grimey.

Xenex says re FAT32 iPod: There are actually official utilties that can convert (well, format) an iPod from Win/FAT32 version to the Mac/HFS+ version. Although, supposedly a Mac can deal with the FAT32 ones fine... The only feature I know of that is missing in the so-called Windows version of the iPod is keeping track of playcounts. However, you can't actually check that on the iPod anyway, but via iTunes, so it's no great loss.

Gorgonzola says re D'Alembertian operator: Uh-oh! my browser won't reder this symbol!

I ask what browser he uses.

Gorgonzola says IE6. No choice in the matter.

SharQ says re The Lord's Prayer : binary: You have too much time on your hands *lol*

SharQ says re How to validate HTML quickly from Mozilla: Ah.. Clever! this should work under IE as well, although I haven't bothered to check)

Cool Man Eddie says Hey, Frank Grimes, Tem42 just cooled your Episcopal Church writeup, baby!