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If you can read this, it's likely you've come from one of my many writeups, in many areas of knowledge, including but not limited to: military strategy, politics, oratory and several more.

My body has failed through the centuries, but my mind is sharp as ever, having accumulated centuries' worth of new ideas, fresh perspectives and countless advances since my times.

I have already lived through all pleasures known to man, and then some. My interests no longer lie in the quest for Glory, rather in the larger benefit of the species. To this end, I have decided to consign to this magnificent Library of All Things the writings and ideas that I've come across, without regard for what others seem to call "Experience", or "Points".

Even though my intellect is vast and certainly out of the reach of any one mortal, my physical resources are limited and therefore fallible. Please send any and all corrections on my writings to my secretary, the one they call Andycyca, for he is responsible for transcribing what I ask of him.

Alea iacta est

Andy's note: This account is meant for posting certain Public Domain materials, as well as shareable text that is not necessarily Public Domain (exempli gratia Creative Commons licensed works) and therefore cannot be posted under everyone.