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"Derai" is a science-fiction novel written by EC Tubb and first published in 1968, as part of an Ace Double book. It was subsequently republished in several other forms. It forms the second book of The Dumarest Saga, a series of science-fiction novels published over thirty years, detailing the attempt of Earl Dumarest, a man living in a chaotic far future, to find the legendary planet earth.

This is the second volume in the series, and I had previously, a few months ago, read the fourth volume in the series, Kalin. This book seems to share a similar plot outline to that book, in that Dumarest meets a woman who turns out to be a psychic waif (a la Serenity and Stranger Things), whose mental power makes her the target of "reclamation" by a powerful, shadowy force of mentat like aliens, the Cyclan. To do this, Dumarest has to first hunt...mutant bees and then enter a stadium like bloodsport contest. To be honest, I started getting a bit confused with all the scene transitions, as well as the fact that the book tries to fit in too much complicated clan politics in with its grim and gritty adventure story. It could also be, that by the time I came to this book, my head was overly full with Ace Double plots.

Be that as it may, I still found this book a fun adventure, whose distinctively grim and chaotic portrait of the future gives it a unique feel.