Games Done Quick (or "GDQ") is an organization that hosts gaming-related charity events. The two main events currently are the winter "Awesome Games Done Quick" and the summer "Summer Games Done Quick". The proceeds of these two week long gaming marathons currently go to the Prevent Cancer Foundation and Medecins Sans Frontiers.

Speedrunning has been an established practice for many years, but only in the past few years has it become a spectator sport. The speedruns at GDQ are often more geared towards audience participation and amusement than getting the absolute fastest time. In fact, one of the incentives for donations is to bid on a speedrunner doing more complicated and complete runs of a game. There is also a couch behind the player with a number of people who comment on, and explain the game, as well as a donation reader and announcer. The commenting and announcing have developed their own distinctive community vocabulary and references, which makes watching videos from the marathons both charming and incomprehensible.

GDQ has also changed since its inception in 2012, becoming more professional, and friendly. Much of the adolescence of gaming culture in the first few years has disappeared, to be replaced with a friendlier and more welcoming culture. With a big venue, lots of guests, and big sponsorships, Games Done Quick has grown up into a regular event for many people, and hopefully it will continue to be in coming years.