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The Soul Blazer Trilogy is a series of three RPGs for the SNES designed by Quintet and released by Enix. They all share similiar plots and gameplay.

Although never commercially succesful (the series was so unsuccesful that the third gamem Terranigma was never released in the United States), the games have picked up a following through emulator users on the internet.

Although each game has a different plot, all of them have a vague connection to some belief in reincarnation, and mystic forces in the Earth; as well as spiritual guidance by a dog named Turbo that appears in each game in a different form. Or something like that. It all sounds rather stupid, but the games make it work.

While the first two games, Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia, had somewhat standard gameplay, graphics and plot, the third game, Terranigma, is technically and artistically steps above the others, as well as being one of the best games made for the SNES.

This series is one of the first and few examples I can think of for video games that were made as art. Even after winning the games, I was left thinking "so what is that all about?", or remembering the emotional impact of a scene from the games.