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Trinidad, California, is a small town, of around 350 people, located in Humboldt County, California, on the Northern California coast.

Originally settled by the Yurok people, it was given the name of "Trinidad", when Spanish explorers discovered Trinidad Head, a large natural rock formation, on Trinity Day. It was later settled by English speaking colonists, and is currently a town whose economy is based around tourism and fishing.

Despite being a coastal area, Humboldt County does not have typical beaches in most of its inhabited regions. Eureka and Arcata are both on Humboldt Bay, a shallow body of water surrounded by marshes, and it is not until you reach Trinidad that you get a more typical beach type environment: the majestic rocky promontory of Trinidad Head lies next to a long, sandy beach, which is usually full of people flying kites and doing other beachy things. Trinidad is also, like much of Humboldt County, artistic, liberal and laid back. Although it is a bit more affluent than the rest of the county, being a fancy beach resort community.

Also, despite its small size, Trinidad is the last incorporated city for the next sixty miles, with the next one being Crescent City.