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So there I was faced with a 20 year old in an environment foreign to her; she must have felt cornered. I was defending personal choice, and the freedom to use drugs. She was on the hardline that claimed that drugs are bad, no ifs ands or buts, and she would never do drugs because of all the evils they are associated with. Her arguments were that drugs are bad; o.k., and a case study about how someone she knew really messed up his life on drugs.

I was arguing that even the father of our great county at least encouraged the smoking of hemp, that Anslinger was corrupt, and lied to congress, and that anti marijuana propaganda has mostly been inaccurate at best through the years and used as a tool of prejudice and racism.

Being somewhat intoxicated at the time, I became amused by the lack of substance to her argument, and began to laugh, "You are so young." She took this to be age discrimination, and became very offended. I tried to calm her down by explaining that I meant that her argument was under developed, but she was too offended to listen anymore.

She tried to turn the tables on me, and asked, "You must have a greater exposure with drugs than I do, what all have you done?" I confessed I had only tried alcohol, pot, and mushrooms, and that I like to stick with things I feel are natural. She said, "Well, I've done that!" and left me dumbfounded. I was stunned by the hypocrisy. At that point we parted ways.