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A superhero created by Jim Chambers for DC Comics. The Crimson Avenger first appeared in Detective Comics #20 in October 1938.

Lee Travis was the publisher of the newspaper the New York Globe-Leader. As such, Travis wrote many an editorial about helping the needy and ill-used. For his enlightened attitude, Travis became one of the darlings of society cocktail parties. During these parties, Travis met Claudia Barker, a young socialite who shared his passion for the down-trodden.

One evening while preparing to go to a costume party to raise funds for Chinese refugees from the Japanese invasion, Travis was confronted by his driver, Wing How. Wing, a Chinese national, challeged Travis as to the good that these parties accomplished, making Travis realize that he was not actually effecting any real change in people's lives.

That evening when criminals disguised as Martians attempted to rob the party, Ms. Barker stood up to the robbers and was gunned down. Dressed as a highwayman, Travis gave chase to the fleeing robbers and with Wing's help, brought the men to justice. That night, Lee Travis became The Crimson Avenger.

Travis continued to fight crime and forces of evil with the help of his driver Wing. On one adventure, the two adventurers recovered a "gas-gun" from Nazi spies, which Travis then used to shoot a crimson smoke to hide his movements. Realizing the black suit of the highwayman did not hide him well in the smoke, Travis created a crimson and gold costume. Wing was given a matching costume, except that the colors wer reversed.

The duo became members of two super-hero teams, the Law's Legionaires (which later became known as the Seven Soldiers of Victory and the All-Star Squadron).

During a battle with the Nebula Man, the Seven Soldiers of Victory were flung into the timestream and trapped at different places in time. Wing sacrificed his life to destroy the Nebula Man and Travis was trapped in pre-Colombian Central America. He and the rest of the members were rescued by the Justice Society of America and the Justice League of America. Unfortunately, while only weeks had passed for the Crimson Avenger, forty years had passed in real time.

The lost years plus the loss of Wing threw Travis into a depression. While traveling to help lessen his loss, Travis discovered that he had contracted a fatal illness and would die within weeks. Donning his costume one last time, Travis rescued a young boy and sacrificed his life to protect New York from a barge full of explosives, by piloting the boat out to sea before it exploded.