A member of the super-hero team the Avengers published by Marvel Comics.

Namor later to be known as the Submariner was the result of the union of Leonard MacKensie, a sea captain and Fen, princess of the underwater nation of Atlantis. When Fen's father, King Thankor, discovered their relationship, he had MacKensie killed. Fen returned to Atlantis, where she gave birth to Namor, a pink-skinned hybrid of Atlantian and human with wings on his feet. As all other Atlantias were blue-skinned, Namor's difference stood out greatly.

Namor became leader of Atlantis after the death of his grandfather and mother. He fought along side Captain America and the original Human Torch during World War II, in the super-hero team the Invaders. His adventures ended for a time when he had his memories erased by the mutant Adam Destine. For many years, he wandered the world as a vagrant.

He was discovered by the second Human Torch, Johnny Storm, in a flop house in New York City. Burning off Namor's beard with his power, Storm thought that Namor looked like pictures of the Submariner. Taking Namor to the ocean, Storm threw him in the water. The water helped Namor regain his memory, and he returned to Atlantis to find it in shambles. He blamed the surface dwellers and attacked New York, coming into conflict with the Fantastic Four.

For many years, Namor had a love/hate relationship with the surface world. He was a member of the loose confederation of heroes known as the Defenders. Eventually, he was invited to join the Avengers. Namor served as a member of the team for a while, eventually resigning to continue to lead the people of Atlantis.

Namor married Marinna, a former member of Alpha Flight for a time. She was eventually transformed into a huge sea creature called the Leviathan after coming into contact with another member of her race. Namor was forced to kill her to protect others from her destructive rampage.

Namor has the ability to fly and possesses super-strength. He is highly resistant to injury having taken blows from the Hulk and survived. He is also capable of swimming at high speeds underwater, breathing underwater, and even has the ability to imitate some of the capabilities of underwater fauna, like the electric eel.