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a master of all games consoles with his specially adapted super flat thumbs. Also rolls a fairly mean one skin.
Don't waste time holding a grudge with an enemy. Sit back, smile, and remember he'll get his comeupance one day, but a watched kettle never boils.
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what can you say really? some people say im a stoner, some say im a bit of a psycho sometimes, but luckily pretty much everyone calls me a friend.

I listen to a lot of music from coldplay to the red hot chili peppers, faithless to the beatles. I'll listen to pretty much anything except prefabricated pop and blaringly harsh rock.

Not much left for me to say, so instead of going into a biography with all the exitement of a lonely grandma I'll leave you with my personal mantra.

"To laugh often and much...To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends... to find the best in others... This is to have succeeded." - Ralph Waldo Emmerson