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I am really sorry that this isn't actually my story, but I need to say this anyway.

Imagine the nicest guy you can. Really. And then transfer that into a closed community. In this case boarding school.
Adam was that and more. He was funny, clever, and was everybody's friend. He was the lynchpin of his year, around which even the most unstable people could feel they pivoted. He was the heart of all the social life. Not only that, teachers liked him, too. He was clever, hardworking, and contributed a lot to the school. In fact everybody I can think of liked him. Except our housemaster.

Although to be fair, I can see why. Adam did drugs. Not badly, but occasionally. Just ganja, nothing hard. He also sold them. They only found out about this yesterday. After hours of Gestapo interrogation, he cracked and admitted it. I guess he was going to be expelled anyway. He came into our dorm at about 11.30, and sat down on Pete's bed. They exchanged a few really quiet words. None of us pushed it by asking what was up. We all guessed what had been said. We guessed wrong.

This morning, Adam and Pete had gone. They took a train to London, and sold Pete's guitar. They hope to get to Australia, but being short on cash, they are getting bar jobs in Spain for a few weeks en route. I wish them luck.