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Funny, warm and witty: The best german film of the nineties?

"Kleine Haie" (German for "little sharks") is exeptional in many ways: a successful German comedy that actually made money, found international praise and launched five actor's career still dear to the german public. Something must have obviously been right about this movie. So, what was it about?

No Major Spoilers Ahead!

This is the story of three young men trying to become actors and gain access into drama school: one by error (Jürgen Vogel), one full of desperation (Kai Wiesinger), and one bored with his own brillance and monetary riches (Gedeon Burkhard). In a roadmovie full of weird characters and twists and turns they find love, friendship and pulp science fiction.

Charmingly displaying the clash of the three main social classes in Germany, the movie lives from its quirky characters and its gentle satirizing of actors in general.

Highly recommended, and apparently quite accessible even with subtitles.

Crew details from www.imdb.com