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I am a budding wrenchhead, and audiophile.
Sygneous Filmworks/GW Enterprises
You can't do anything you think you can't do.
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I was born in the year 1984, the year of the Mac. Since then I've just been kinda hangin' out.

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Still updating, if you did and you're not listed, I'm still looking for you...

Funny Chatterbox Snippets:
8-25-2002 2:50 AM EDT : $ Cletus the Foetus commends NotFabio on adding HOWTO: Mop a floor just when someone else added A woman's guide to peeing standing up -- a timelier node I cannot imagine

8-25-2002 2:52 AM EDT : Starke : Talking philosophy in the chatterbox just ain't right. Somebody go on about boobies or gender neutral pronouns

This isn't a catbox snippet, but it's still funny:
Excerpt from The crazy hours of pregnancy: There's going to be nose-picking with the butt hand and butt-picking with the nose hand, mark my words.

5-29-2003 11:08 PM - Have achieved Level 2 with the writeup Why do people go to movies on the opening night?. Now I can daylog! If you've got a Pontiac Grand Prix, or other GM-10/W-body car, /msg me and we'll chat about them on www.w-body.com. Especially if you're willing to help me do a transmission swap. :D