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Don't pretend like you care; it doesn't matter.
When there's nothing left but to cry, laugh.
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My first child, Jason, was born on July 14th, 2009. What an unbelievable experience!
If you don't know what I mean, wait until you have children of your own. It will change you, and introduce you to a whole new world.

/me misses sensei

January 2010: It's been almost ten years since I joined Everything2, and almost that many since Sensei passed away and most of us added the above homage to him to our home nodes. I've changed plenty in 10 years; the world has changed ... E2 is nothing like it was when I joined in 2000, but perhaps that's mostly nostalgia talking. I joined E2 on 02/22/2000 at the age of 23. A lot changes in a man's life between the ages of 23 and 33. Views on life, desires, it's all constantly evolving. It's amazing to me how quickly time passes - I just never paid attention to it in my youth. Back then, life was all hormone-drenched, drunken insanity - as it should have been. But at some point that ride ended, and I grew up. Ten years have just flown by, with so many experiences, but most importantly, I've found real, deep happiness. Life just keeps getting better, in ways I didn't think were possible. I love you Melinda, you've shown me everything I never realized I wanted in life, and more. Soon, another 10 years will drift by before I realize it, never to return. No doubt I'll look back at this note and laugh, amazed at all the wonderful, tragic, ridiculous, and unanticipated things that have happened in life since I wrote this. Every few years, I stop by Everything2 just to see what's changed here, to read my messages, and just relax. E2 is tied to a part of my life that doesn't exist anymore, but it's comforting to check in from time to time - this place reminds me of the days when I was a bachelor, with different ambitions and goals in life, and reminds me of the person I once was. It's nice to reminisce. I'm not the same person anymore, but who is? Anyway, the goal and tone of E2 is not the same, and those I conversed with here are long gone. I probably won't post much again (if ever), but I feel the need to say thank you to all of you that keep Everything2 alive. Visiting E2 reminds me of my past: my first love, my teenage years, my insatiable fascination with tech, the heartbreak, exhilaration, and the insanity of youth - and for that, I thank those that keep this place alive.

Born: July 1976
Places Lived: Oklahoma; Indonesia; Australia; Texas.

Favorite Foods: Anything edible that I dont have to cook, really. Canned foods are my friend. *grin*

Music: You name it, I probably have some. A little of everything, really - although Country music isn't at the top of the list. Tim McGraw/Faith Hill and Garth Brooks are the only country singers that are tolerable. Techno, especially ambient techno - is what I lean towards when I'm looking for some new tunes. (Think along the lines of The Orb or Aphex Twin and you've got a good picture of what I like to code to).

I'm not sure what else people do (or dont?) want to hear, so I'll add more later perhaps. =)