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How to Cook a Rare Steak

My Dad taught me how to cook a rare steak, and I'd like to share it, if I may. The same method can be used for a medium or well-done steak (if that floats your boat)

You need flame. I don't care where you get it from, but it's gotta be hot. I have a gas BBQ so that's what I use. It doesn't taste as special as charcoal, but it's easier to get the right temperature.

Good meat is essential. Tenderloin of beef is my favorite, T-bones are okay, striploins will pass with a push. It should not have been frozen. If you can, bug the butcher to cut it for you. An inch to and inch-and-a-half thick tenderloin is just perfect.

I know this will be difficult for some...but leave the meat alone. Don't marinate it, pound it or look at it funny. Leave it alone. Do Not Salt The Meat! No Salt! Not Even a Little! Trust me on this one. Salt sucks the juices out of the meat, osmosis and all that. So forget it.(If you absolutely MUST use salt...add it right before you serve the meal)

Now heat the grill. Light it, turn the burner(s) on bust and go inside to get the steaks. Get some tongs, some BBQ sauce if you fancy it and a beer. Drink the beer while waiting for the grill to get good and hot.

When the grill is really hot (I don't know how hot this is. Test the limits of your grill. Be brave.) put the steaks on. Now close the lid and set your watch for 3 minutes. Don't open the lid. It's like cooking rice, trust that the steaks are okay. After the 3 minutes, you can put sauce on the steaks if you want, flip them, and put the lid down again. Wait another 3 minutes. Remove the steaks from the grill and bring them inside. Turn off the grill...you're done with it. (If you want a medium or well done steak, cook the steaks longer) A rule of thumb for the doneness of meat is that rare will feel like your chin, medium will feel like the tip of your nose and well done will feel like your forehead.

Now make some salad while you let the steaks rest. This keeps all the juice from running out when you dig in.

Serve. Enjoy. Soak up the praise that your guests will lavish on you.