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In every lightweight rower or coxswain's life there comes a time right before spring sprint season, after a winter of decadence and eating, where one finds themself 5 pounds over the minimum weight. For February, I have to get under 109--which is best done by careful and gradual diet and exercise, but sometimes... you gotta do what you gotta do.

48 hours until race - Stop eating heavy foods. Pickles and celery are your friends-- no calories. Drink water constantly to flush it all out of your system, just in case you pick up some inadvertent protein or vitamins.

24 hours until race - Stop eating. Keep on drinking water.

6 hours until race - Stop drinking water. Whatever you do, don't drink anything-- resist peer pressure. This is the most essential step of the weight crash process.

1 hour until race - Run for 10-30 minutes wearing sweats and/or plastic bags, depending on the heat and humidity. Always run supervised-- beware of heatstroke. Take a shower and make sure your hair is dry. I've lost as much as 4 pounds in 3 miles. Spit into a cup. I learned this from some wrestler friends; it helps to chew gum to generate saliva.

At launch - Breathe light. Socks are extra weight and are for the weak.

After Race - All you can eat lunch buffet $4.95 at Caliente Cab Co. near 8th St. and University Place. We have lived to row another day.

Disclaimer: Not responsible or liable for any injury or death, apart from my own, that will most likely result from reading this node.