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mission drive within everything
The goal of all kittens...to perplex and be perplexed...
nonsense, insanity, confusion, graphics, and a dash of genius indistinguishable from the first three.
Almost anything can be accomplished with almost any tool...this does not necessarily mean that it should be attempted without the right one, baring in mind the safety of others and the sanity of your self.
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I am the kitten...
thats all...you can go home now...


...so maby not all...

extra functionality (idea)
rep: -1 life expectancy: less than 5 minutes

Any thing that goes above and beyond the inherent function of an item.

In commercial products something that almost always costs more, will probably void the warranty if not expressly declared in the manual, or may be of no use to any one but the marketing department as something to tag on the description so that the product can of course cost more.

In drugs extra functionality is of course a side effect that isn't unpleasant, will probably lead to abuse, or get complained about, and for the rest of eternity leave people wondering why an antidepressant that was known to cause random orgasms was pulled off the market for it.


Cute, excessively snuggly, mildly insane (and damn proud of it), brilliant, artist, gamer, geek girl, owner for little black kitten wanted... *mew*

...ok realy...you can go now...