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Born October 66, 1666. Shortly after birth, instigated the Great Fire of London (which is especially interesting since the Great Fire was in September of that year). The next 305.5 years were fairly dull until I faked my own birth on March 3, 1976, not coincidentally the 129th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Graham Bell. Suddenly the universe seemed to notice me and started off trying to kill me. I've been in a car wreck with a semi and walked out of a restaurant 15 minutes before a car smashed through the picture window near my seat.

I am at the same time notorious and obscure. I walk like a ninja, though I rarely need (or want) to. I have one of those faces that slips right out of your memory, and I'm practically invisible until I call attention to myself. Combined with my rather quiet nature this means I have a hard time getting service in restaurants.

When I grow up, I want to be unique, just like everyone else.

Spotted in catbox, 2 March 2005:


which gets my vote for most disturbing sentence ever to appear on e2.

Also from catbox, 11 March 2005:

<siouxsie> ASE--I think that Kensey stole my cat. Can you hang him? NOW? I'm going to take a bubble bath, so I can't stay for the trial, but if he was all dead and quiet when I got back--AWESOME. (grin) Kensey--I LOVE YOU.

followed by:

siouxsie says You DO know I'm kidding, right? Just for the record... (hugs)

Awwww... :)