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The ancient tree

An ancient tree stands there with unstated reason
Her skeleton stubborn, but aware of what must happen
From out of her hands, leaves will sail boldly with the wind
And land in the distance, never again knowing
All those with whom they once grew close.

I would like to catch a leaf, before it hits the ground
I would like to be a thief, and steal its lonely sound

From this sound I'd hear a tune, a-deep inside of me
The echo of hearts above the moon, in leafy harmony

To play these notes with reverie, so all the world could hear
For once the ancient tree could be, with all her children near.

Yes, yes, I know I could get many more upvotes and chings, if only I would stop writing these pathetic little things, and get on with what I am good at - but hear me peasants, there is something special about learning something new. The discovery of a whole new intelligence is liberating, even if I do not yet possess it. So to E2 I say, my mediocre poetry, like old-time stale dogfood, will just have to do. Sorry for using you... -but the king decrees it.