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A software-based router and firewall all-in-one solution for Microsoft Windows systems, used primarily to connect a Local Area Network (LAN) to the Internet in a secure and efficient manner, thus allowing Internet connection sharing for several computers using a single dial-up or permanent network connection.

The main advantage of Winroute is that it performs low-level Network Address translation, NAT, on all inbound and outbound packets, rather than acting as a proxy server. In practice, this means that no additional configuration of other computers in the LAN is necessary. It also means that the connected LAN appears as a single computer (albeit one with quite a bit of traffic!) as the Media Access Control, MAC addresses are disguised.

However, if desired, WinRoute can also be configured to work as a single-file cache-proxy, in addition to having SMTP/POP3 E-mail, DHCP, and DNS server capabilities as well as a highly configurable Remote Access Service, RAS.

WinRoute's strengths as a firewall stems from its high degree of flexibility, allowing everything from having virtually no protection and full freedom to strictly defined TCP and UDP port mapping and packet filtering, all configured on computer running the Winroute Engine or remotely. It also features anti-spoofing technology.

Winroute is made by a company called TinySoft and is comparatively cheap, making it a popular alternative to programs like WinGate in Windows enviroments.

Not a cut-and-paste writeup. First-hand experience and documentation was used. Yours truly will not be responsible for failed attempts at making Windows computers secure.