In my first, and possibly last, attempt to help out on the coding side, I re-activated a feature in the Other Users nodelet that shows admins which users have joined within the last 30 days. Apparently this has led to at least one Server Error in Other Users ... I can't see why, but if it continues I'll have to back the change out.

If you see Server Errors in Other Users, please let me know.

Update: Just saw the error. It's in my code, all right:

Undefined subroutine &Everything::HTML::timelocal called at (eval 125) line 131.
You'd think a thing like that would fail always, or never, not randomly. Maybe an explicit include of use Time::Local; is needed? I will try that. I am unsure of Perl scoping rules ... does it matter where in the nodelet I put this line? I put it outside the main loop, for safety's sake.

Update 2: New errors. It's in that code, too. Not entirely sure if it's DST related, or if it was nate's appearance, as his user time is an unexpected value. Changed the code so that nate, dem bones, and hemos are not checked for newbieness. (We can probably further optimize this check to skip all admins... ) Also added defensive code to make sure year, month, and day are integers. Hopefully that won't cause undue slowness.