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Copies of the following document were nailed to the door of every temple of Telye on the eve of the Festival of Waters in the eleventh year of the reign of King Karand IX:

The Commons of the Kingdom of Telassa, being denied their customary voice in the councils of the King, hereby lay these grievances against him:

WHEREAS His Majesty the King has dismissed the Council of the Commons, contrary to ancient practice, and thereby refused the advice of his people; has issued taxes and regulations such that the merchants and artisans of the kingdom can in no wise pursue their livelihoods; and has enforced the said taxes and regulations against the will of the magistrates,

THEREFORE do we demand that the General Council be instantly reconvened in its entirety, and furthermore that the Council of the Commons be consulted in every matter that pertains to taxation, the regulation of trade and commerce, and the regulation of useful arts.