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I'm a Yank, born and bred. Upper middle class, I suppose-although, it's completly possible I'm genuine upper class and nobody told me. I was born December 20th, 1985, making me past 17. I don't have my license, however-failed the test twice, and don't want to fail it a third time. I'm going to practice for a bit, and when I get good enough (I will, some day) I'll take that test

I know I'm not the best noder, but I still think I could become good. Who knows?

If you want more about me, I have a blog. Oh, yes I do. Such as it is. You can find it at http://lrdnedlum.blogspot.com. Not that you'd want to.

Dated Thursday, March 20, 2003:

Today, the bombing of Iraq began. We are at to war, and there is nothing any of us can do to stop that cold, simple fact.

I'm not going to spilt hairs on this: I loath Bush and co. with all the loathing I can spare to people I don't know. Why? I don't like what he's doing. He firmly believes that the best course of operations is to start a war in Iraq while we still have forces battling terrorists in Afghanistan, and a crisis brewing in North Korea; that's three possible wars right there. Why? Because he believes Iraq is an evil nation. Because he's trying for the history books by juggling as many balls as possible, in the hopes that some of them will stay in the air. But more importantly, perhaps because he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, landed ass-backward into business opportunity, a governorship, and the presidency. He's starting this war the same way he started his presidency: without any sort of legitimacy. Don't believe me? Think. Does ANYONE want this war? Does any single nation truly want this war? The citizens of Britain, our closest friend and ally, are less then thrilled. Hell, without at least trying at the UN, many of us don't want it. And we are the guys chomping at the bit? Look at the rest of the world! How is this anything approaching legitimate!!!

Who's the Axis of Opposition? Germany. France. Russia. Bush says that we "understand the costs of conflict because we have paid them in the past." Oh, We paid them? Look at France!! They got slaughtered twice in a thirty-year period. Look at Russia! Their western borders are complete graveyards. Look at Germany, where the two bloodiest conflicts in world history shattered the nation. And we know war? And they're the cowards? They don't want to stop this war because they're weak, or afraid, or because of their oil licenses. They don't want a war because they've seen what we haven't seen since Sherman: War destroys lives. What do we have to prove that? Vietnam? A simple cakewalk to them. Sure, we lost, but that's just because shooting Charlie/civilians/monkeys/trees got old, or something. We don't know war. Our soldiers do. But we civilians have no clue.

And as for the fact that Iraq has ignored the UN: look at Israel. There's been resolution after resolution saying that the settlements on the West Bank should be removed, and they're still building the things. Fine, it's a democracy, and all that, but that just means we should hold them to a higher standard. And if we're supporting Israel because it's a democracy, why do we prefer Saudi Arabia over Iran? Iran at least has some sort of democracy, and their on the Axis of Evil regardless. Saudi Arabia still cuts off hands for theft! What's with that? Just realpolitik, I guess. Well, to hell with realpolitik! If Saudi Arabia's and Israel are doing the same things as Iraq, let's not just brush that to the side.

What the hell happened to the democracy I was once told we were, where one man could never impose his will on the rest? Between this illegal war with Iraq, the Patriot Act, and whatever else they have up their sleeves… Forget American Idol, or Celebrity Boxing: this could well be the end to America as we know it.

God Bless America. We fucking need it.

This was put up twice, and got eaten twice. If you want to eat it again, fine. I'm getting tired of the whole thing, to be honest. I put something out, and they take it down. That's life, eh?