The name of Mr. Peabody's boy. Mr Peabody figured that if every boy should have a dog, thus every dog should have a boy as well. He wasn't too bright, but Mr. Peabody usually didn't let him get into too much trouble whilst travelling through time. Sherman knew how to set the Wayback Machine.

The "title character" of Jim Toomey's cartoon strip Sherman's Lagoon. Sherman is a greedy but slightly stupid shark, who reigns at the top of the food chain in a Pacific lagoon. He is married to Megan the shark, and his best friends are Fillmore the sea turtle and Hawthorne the hermit crab.

Also an American WWII medium battle tank, named after General Sherman.

Cockney (or more frequently Mockney) rhyming slang (in the canonical truncated form) for an act of masturbation - Sherman tank => wank. Unlike its referent, only ever employed as a noun, not a verb.

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