What does a German Short Hair look like?

Well hence the name pointer they have long sleek bodies of pure muscle (when on a correct diet). These dogs are known for having characteristics of being extremely agile, patient, alert, obedient, and hyper in some cases.German short hairs are medium size dogs and have short eye-lash like fur, pure breeds do not have a long fur style. There fur is not soft and fluffy but coarse except for their velvety ears and underneath of tail and near the leg into hip joints.


The height of male dogs is roughly 25 to 30 inches. Height of female dogs is roughly 25 to 30 inches. Average weight of a male is 60 to 80 pounds. Weight of the females is 30 to 40 pounds.

What colors do they come in?

Well unlike a box of crayola these dogs come in only 2 color styles liver and liver and white spotted. The liver is a dark brown color and solid livers are common in the male dogs. Liver and white spotted look like the dog in the photo on the bottom of the page (the link) and are more common among females.


German Short hairs are very friendly, but protective dogs. Though they make a good family pet I do not recommend them around small child for they can become aggressive if roughed with or approached by a stranger. They are popular hunting dogs, therefore are also very patient.

In Europe they are also known as the German Vizsla

I personally have a German short-haired pointer, they are beautiful dogs: http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/users/bb1d950e/bc/Yahoo!/pepper.jpg?bchJDJ.APZXilDus - this is a photo of my dog as a puppy - her name is Pepper due to her spots.