We don't, until we taste them. Most dog biscuts are actually edible. They don't have much flavor, except for the cheese kind; those are terrible, don't eat them. Of course, being people, we may not really have a viewpoint that would allow us the objectivity to decide that they would be tasty for dogs. So, in conclusion, we can't (munch munch) we can't really (crunch) have a definitive opinion until we (gulp) feed them to the dog and judge the reaction. Or, (rustle rustle crunch) try them ourselves (burp).

Actually, there are quite a few people who snack on Milk Bones and related doggie treats. Two friends of mine and my father-in-law all regularly dine on them. One of the aforementioned friends actually out-growled his neighbor's dog to get the last one in the bag.

When I inquired why they snacked on dog treats, they said they didn't like sweets. The dog biscuits are like crunchy cookies without the sugar. I have tried a Milk Bone, but I found it rather bland. I certainly won't replace chocolate cherry cheesecake with my puppy's food any day soon.

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