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No, it's not what it seems. :) This, my friends, is the food of the gods. Incidentally, it also tops the list of foods children most hate in Finland. I for one used to think it was vile... but that was when I did not know better, poor ignorant thing as I was.

Jansson's Temptation is the Scandinavian equivalent of baked beans on toast – something you can make out of practically nothing with very little fuss and which will make your foreign friends gag and probably flee. As you might have gathered by now, this isn't necessarily to everyone’s taste, depending on whether you like anchovies or not. It serves at least 4 people and ideally should be eaten at midnight, with a salad, some good red wine and a beloved one or two (provided they're into anchovies as well). Enjoy.


Sliced potatoes (about 8 will do)
4 chopped onions, or more if you want
2 tins of anchovies
lots of single cream (hmm, get at least one 250g jar)


Pile the potatoes, onions and anchovies in layers into a large oven dish. Add pepper. Pour the cream on top of them and bake in an oven (200C) for one hour.

liveforever has kindly let me know that this culinary delight is called "Jansson's fristelse" in Nordic countries. In Finnish, we swear by "janssoninkiusaus".

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