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This isn't the fun part of being a member of the Justice League.

From the bylaws (AKA the Justice League's website):

Each active member is required to serve a 24-hour shift of monitor surveillance aboard the satellite (clearly out of date - the JLA satellite was destroyed aeons ago... they must mean the JLA watchtower on the moon). In the event that a member cannot serve his/her shift, it is his/her responsibility to contact a replacement among the active membership. Each member must make up for missed shifts. The member on monitor duty must remain awake for two-thirds of his/her shift. For the other third, he shall remain on the observation deck with the audio-alert activated. The member on monitor duty may have guests during his shift as long as they do not interfere with his/her duties.

"...the uplink matrix automatically runs raw the data through a multilevel contextual filter sorting the information by location, category, urgency index and so forth."

-- the Batman
"The Dogs of War"
JLA Showcase 80-Page Giant #1 , February 2000

Monitor Duty ... ahh this is where the best dialog beteween Green Lantern and the Flash usually takes place... imagine having a room with every broadcast frequency on earth playing at the same time. Imagine having to follow all of that in order to know when and where the forces of evil, or the forces of mother nature are wreaking havok.

Monitor duty, it ain't glamourous, but that's the downside of the JLA.